About Our Farmers

One of our key beliefs at Swanbourne Market, is to work closely with farmers and primary producers, to get their produce directly to you. This minimises the number of times produce is handled and the number of people involved, which ensures higher quality, freshness and lower prices. It also means we can source some remarkable, hard to find, low yielding fruit and vegetables, including organic when possible.

It also means we can search out reputable growers using organic, bio-dynamic or spray free farming practices and bring this produce straight to the store.

For example, we directly source apples from Donnybrook and Karragullen, avocadoes from Margaret River, mangoes from Kununurra, citrus from the Perth hills, organic kale and garlic from Albany and lots in between and beyond.

We can’t source all of our produce using this method so we supplement it with our purchasing at the Canning Vale Markets each day. The vast majority of our fresh produce is sourced from Western Australian producers.

We work closely with famers and producers, we visit their farms, we try their produce, we treat them respect, we pay their bills on time and we pay them the price they ask us to pay.

Visit our Blog to read articles on some of our great farmers and producers.